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Driven Intership//

Our internship program is an opportunity to learn what it takes to be an effective and successful coach in the field of personal and performance training.

We have an extensive curriculum that focuses on the understanding and application of the training principles that guide what we do. In other words, we’ll insist on mastery of the “why” behind the training that you’re putting your clients and athletes through. We’ll challenge your thought process and expect you to do the same to ours.

Our internships are 20 hours/week and run in the spring, summer, and fall.

Here’s a sample of some of the topics we’ll cover:
* Introduction to forces: Gravity, ground reaction, and momentum
* Anatomy review – Joint structure and triplanar function
* Biomechanical basis of movement
* Adaptation – force as the language of cells
* Evaluation – Foot, Ankle, and Hip
* Programming – Progressions and Regressions


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