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Driven Olympics 2016


At long last, the Driven Olympics is upon us again.

Here’s how it works. There will be 16 individual competitions and 2 team competitions over a 2-week period from April 25th through May 6th. As an individual you can enter up to 8 of these competitions and compete for points in each event that also count in the individual and team competitions. You can do each event as many times as you want, but keep in mind that they must be done during the week they are scheduled. At the end of each week, the winners will be formally declared and points awarded.

Team Competition
You can form a team (up to 6) with anyone you want, provided they work for the same company or work out at the same time as you. If you have a compelling reason to form a team with someone else not within those parameters, let me know. We’ll have a free agent team as well, or you can go solo.

Individual Event Scoring
Points will be awarded based on the number of participants that finishes each event. For example, if there are 9 participants, First place earns 9 points, second earns 8, and so forth. In the event that fewer than 5 people finish an event, the winner will receive 5 points, second 4th, etc. Each team can have up to two participants in each individual event and 5 participants in the team events. Points awarded will count toward both the individual and team competitions.
* The exception to the 2 team members per event rule is the decathlon, where each participant is scored and the team gets points for every participant.

Team Event Scoring
There will be one team relay each week and the points awarded will be based on the number of total teams in the competition in 3 point increments. For example, if there are 8 teams involved, first place earns 24 points, second place earns 21, and so forth. These point totals hold even if not all teams complete the challenge – those teams would simply lose out on their points.

Bonus Points
As an added incentive, there are two situations where you can earn extra points on individual events.

1. Set an Olympic Record – 5 points
2. Beat your time/score from last year – 2 points

Take a good look at the list of competitions. Figure out which ones you want to do and let us know. We won’t require you to declare your events in advance, but keep in mind that most of these are going to require some training to perform at your best. We want to keep you healthy and help prepare you to do your best.

Individual Competitions Week 1(April 27-May 1)

1. 400M Row
2. 400M Ski Erg
3. 1/4 mile VC
4. ¼ Ironman (2500 Row, 2500 Ski, 1280’ VC)
5. 5 minute bike avg power (watts/kg bodyweight)
6. Bench Press bodyweight Reps (50% bw for women)
7. Quickfoot Ladder Medley
8. Trap Bar Deadlift 1RM
9. TEAM COMPETITION – 5 minute Versaclimber relay

Individual Competitions Week 2 (May 4-8)

1. Decathlon
2. Sprint Triathlon (500 Row, 500 Ski, 250’ VC)
3. 30 second Bike avg power (watts/kg bodyweight)
4. 5k Row
5. Bench Press 1RM
6. Pullups (w/1” band for women)
7. 200′ VC
8. Broad Jump
9. TEAM COMPETITION – 5k Relay Row

Team Competitions

Week 1 – 5 minute team versa climb
Week 2 – 5k team row

*Not the real Olympics.