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Group Training Changes for May 2017

We have several exciting changes to announce to our downtown group training schedule beginning next Monday, May 1st. You can see the new schedule here.

Here are the changes we have in store:

  1. Strength Training groups move to Monday/Thursday to allow for better recovery and performance on those days.
  2. We’ll be offering our first ever restorative movement class on Wednesday at 12:30 pm. For those of you who like to go hard, this is a great way to allow for a little recovery while also focusing on some of the movement restrictions that it’s easy not to work on until they cause problems.
  3. For those of you who still want a hard workout on Wednesday at noon we’re going to be offering a 30 minute express workout.
  4. We’re also bringing back the Ladies Only Workout at noon on Tuesday and Thursday.

Download it HERE