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Kim T.

Training Goal: Fitness

I began participating in the Driven Fitness camp with Andy in December 2009.  I had participated in several camps in the past so  this type of work out was not new for me.  However, I had recently experienced knee and foot injuries that restricted activities  I could participate (i.e. running, jumping, etc).  Once Andy was made aware of a foot injury, instead of running and leaping, he  moved my cardio to the bike and elliptical.  This minor adjustment stopped unnecessary pressure and stress on my knees, which  resulted in my being able to do squats and presses without further injury. When a pinched nerve in my shoulder was causing  issues, Andy’s creatively modified the work out to stretch the muscles to strengthen the area and return full mobility.

There are so many benefits to a Driven Fitness Camp that Andy leads, but what comes to mind first is that he makes every workout it fun, attainable, challenging, fresh.  A Driven Camp is filled laughter, encouragement, care and flexibility. Whether I go once  a week or countless times, I know I am reaping the benefits of a work out that I wouldn’t get on my own.

Since starting the camp, I feel better, more energetic, stronger and am experiencing an inner strength that was previously hidden.  The weight loss is a pretty nice benefit too.

Thanks Andy.  Working out with you and your team is increasing my DRIVE for life.