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Kim W.

Training Goal: Running Performance

I have been running and competing for 26 years. In the mid 90’s, I was in great running shape and ran several marathons;  at times placing 1st in my age group and once placing in the top 10 runners overall.  After having kids, I continued to run but did not compete.  As the years went, I became slower and was in a rut.  I have always felt that I had decent endurance for running but not very much strength.  Recently, I experienced a pulled hamstring muscle as well as a pinched nerve in my lower back/ hip, resulting in stiffness on my left side.  I just thought these types of injuries occur with age.  My routine consisted of running six days a week with no core workout.  My nutrition was up and down and on most days, I would get busy and forget to eat sufficiently throughout the day.

I was looking for the intensity and group training atmosphere I experienced years ago as well as building up my core strength.  Since I joined Driven Performance four months ago, I have lost 5 pounds and put on more muscle mass.  I am stronger and have increased my speed and endurance. I have gotten much stronger on curls, bench press, free weight press and kettle-ball squats.  The pinched nerve in my lower back is completely gone.  I have full flexibility on my left hip and can perform all of the exercises without any limitations. It has also motivated me to eat properly. I am hooked.

I have increased energy, better mental focus and sleep better. I have muscle definition in my arms, abs, back and legs.  I feel a sense of accomplishment and a renewed passion for working out.  When I come to Driven Performance, I am able to break away from work, relieve stress, and clear my head.   I now look forward to the challenges that life presents through Driven Performance, family and work. When I feel strong and in-shape, I have more confidence to complete other tasks in my work and personal life.  Many of my friends have commented and complimented me on the difference they have seen especially with my upper body. I really enjoy the group atmosphere at Driven Performance.  You get to know everyone in your class in a positive atmosphere.  We  push each other and continually set the bar higher and higher. I owe Driven Performance and Andy Twellman a great debt of  gratitude for introducing me to a new way of living.  It is based on measurable results which is exactly what one needs when they can’t see further than their current situation.

When I started training at Driven Performance, my goals were to gain strength, definition and flexibility.  I feel like I have achieved my goals.  I am 42 years old and it is important for me to maintain a good quality of life as I age.  I want to continue to build core strength, maintain flexibility, agility and compete in upcoming races.  I am going to run the Hood to Coast Relay in Oregon scheduled in August consisting of many hills over 18 miles.  In November I would like to run the New York Marathon 10 minutes faster than the last marathon I completed.