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Larry W.

Training Goal: Sports injury rehabilitation

Mr. Twellman,

I want to thank you for the work you did with my daughter.  Three weeks prior to the evaluation period for women’s basketball, my daughter tore her medial meniscus.  She had several D1 schools preparing to view her in several venues across the United States.  Having torn the meniscus so close to the viewing period we had little hope of her being able to be on the court in front of the schools she had been recruited by.  The evaluation period ran in two distinct periods during the month of July.  We knew for sure that she could not be ready two weeks after having surgery so we dismissed any thoughts of her coming back for the initial viewing period.  As soon as the surgery happened, I contacted you.  We had a discussion regarding the possibilities of her coming back in time for the second viewing period which was 4 weeks after surgery.  I knew that if anyone could get her ready to play basketball in that time frame it was you.  We also agreed that if it appeared to be too aggressive we would dismiss the second viewing period as well.  We agreed to put the long term health of my daughter ahead of the short term opportunities.  One week after surgery, you started.  My daughter showed up on crutches at your facility and began the diligent work you outlined for her.  During the next three weeks you kept her inspired and focused on the ultimate goal with sessions almost every day.  Through your professional approach and positive attitude, she played in all five games during the first tournament of the second viewing period.  She scored 24 points in one game.  Also, her coach commented to her mother that her comeback was “amazing”.

This is a note from our family, thanking you for your work with our daughter.  We really appreciate what you have done for her!  I am sure you will be part of her stories about her youth when she has her own family.


Larry Wheeler