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September Consistency Challenge

This is often a tough time of year for fitness. You’ve been on vacation. You’re not working out based on swimsuit-related panic. With school back in and people actually starting to work again, your schedule is crazy. Excuses are easy to come by. Well, that’s over with.

The SCC is all about getting some consistency and good decision-making back into your health and fitness routine. It’s also a way for us to drive home a key point: Exercise is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself, but it doesn’t mean you can take your eye off the ball the rest of the day.

The scoring is a little different this time around to account for the fact that a) some people (not saying you specifically….) eat more and b) are less active (again, not singling you out-stop getting so defensive) on days they work out.


The formula is pretty simple. Earn points via exercise, daily activity, and taking advantage of our new (currently free) Regeneration sessions. Lose points by committing food fouls. You’ll be drafted onto a team captained by one of our fine coaches and the teams will compete for all the glory. You’ll email your coach your points by 9am each day during the work week, submitting your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday scores on Monday. Miss a report and take a -1500 score.

Here’s a quick look at the available points:

Exercise Points

Walking/running – 100 per mile

Cycling – 25 per mile

Standard Driven workout – 400

Versaclimber – 10 per 100 feet

SkiErg – 6 per 100 meters

Rower – 6 per 100 meters

Yardwork (involving sweat) – 150 per hour.

Golf (riding) – 200 per round.

Elliptical – 100 per mile

Yoga/pilates – 200 per hour

Home workout – 300 per hour

Tennis – 400 per hour

Swimming – 250 per mile

Daily Activity Points

*Not including exercise for the day

Over 10,000 Steps or Highly Active – 500 points

5,000-10,000 Steps or Moderately Active – 100 points

Under 5,000 Steps or Inactive – -200 points

Active Recovery Bonus

Do one of our (free during September) Active Recovery sessions after 3 consecutive days of 400 or more exercise points and get a 500 point bonus.

Food Fouls

Alcoholic Beverage = -150 points per serving

Dessert Item = -200 points per serving

Crap = -200 per serving (You know what falls into the “crap” category)

Kinda Crap = -100 per serving (This is for those things that aren’t straight crap, but also aren’t “healthy”)

Prepackaged Items = -100 points per serving (Energy bars, etc. If it won’t go bad in a week or two, it’s a foul). Take the crap score if it’s prepackaged crap.

Non-alcoholic caloric beverage = -100 points per serving

Grain products = allowed 1 per day, after that -100 per serving

Too Much = -250/-500/-1000. This refers to the entire day. Did you eat a little more than you should have? -250. Did you eat quite a bit more than you should have? -500. Total blowout? -1000.

Vegetables = +50 per serving

Lean Protein = +25 per serving

Sign up by next Monday, August 31st. We’ll draft teams then and start the following day!

*Here’s a spreadsheet you can use to enter your data.