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The 30 Day Reset

The 30 Day Reset is Perfect if you…

  • Want to Lose Weight
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Reduce Your Cravings
  • Create Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Jumpstart Your Fitness
  • Create Lasting Change

Nutrition + Movement+ Mindset

The Program includes:

  • Comprehensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide
      • Clean Eating nutrition Guide
      • Jumpstart into Intuitive and Mindful Eating
      • Meal and Snacks Recipe
  • Individualizable exercise plans to choose from, to meet your specific body change goals (fat loss, muscle gain, improve health)
    • The Why’s of Exercise
    • Movement Performance Tips
    • How’s and why’s of meditation
    • How to create lasting change
    • Create a mindset of success
  • Daily Coaching Informational and Motivational emails from the Driven team.
  • Exclusive 30day Reset Facebook Group for accountability and support, from myself and other participants
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions via Facebook Live in the 30day Reset Group during 30 Day Reset.

**You will also be tracking your 30-day progress and success, using points for all of your positive actions, so you can really see that with a little hard work and commitment you can really change your life in just 30days.

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